Activities to keep your mood up and imagination active, African Yogi

Keeping your imagination active!

We’ve compiled a list of some ideas to keep your mood up and imagination active during this intense period.

I assume we are all feeling the burden of the stress that is culminating as a result of this intense experience we are almost all experiencing at the moment.

Don’t let yourself slip into the well that is depression and inertia, especially as we become increasingly cut off from our friends and family.

Try creating a routine and in that routine be sure to include some feel-good activities such as:

Origami, supposedly originating in Japan, although having being found in the West as well as China from as far back as the 1400’s, is the art of folding paper into shapes such as birds and flowers. In the 6th Century, shortly after paper was introduced into Japan, the Buddhist monks began using this art form in their ceremonies. After the initial difficulty of learning the folds, it is a rather meditative activity and returns a pleasing result, a beautiful paper sculpture, such as this lily.

Making a few simple changes to a garment can turn it from mediocre to magnificent. Do you have a shirt that would just look that much better if it had different buttons? Or a skirt that would be flattering were it a few centimeters shorter? Whether a jacket or a dress, often a few alterations can make all the difference and make you feel as if you’re wearing a brand new piece of clothing! You don’t need a sewing machine, just a little patience and some free time!

Flower picking
Flowers bring joy and colour into a space, if you’re fortunate enough to have a garden of your own, grab a pair of gardening shears or scissors and get picking! If you don’t have a garden to pick from, a bought bunch can be just as pretty.

Clay is relatively cheap as art supplies go, and even if you don’t have the facilities to cure it properly, the sensation of moulding it between your fingers is very soothing. Go grab a bag from your local supplier and get creating!

Pot plants
House plants bring a lovely, vibrant energy into a room. Go to a second hand shop and grab any old ceramic bowl or pot that appeals you. If you have a drill at home, drill a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage (don’t stress if you don’t, just be sure not to overwater the plants), fill the planter with soil and pop a few succulents in. Succulents are great as they are hardy, easily transplanted and pleasing to the eye. You can generally just break a piece off of an established plant and stick it in the soil and it’ll thrive!

Last, but definitely not least, yoga has so many health benefits, like the ability to enhance your mood and calm you down, as well as helping to work out the kinks that your body accumulates due to stress, inactivity or physical exertion. So roll out your mat, find a YouTube video that calls your name and get stretching!
Yoga with Adriene is a wonderful option.

We hope these ideas will provide fuel for your creative fire and keep your mood up and your energy light and active during this period of globally experienced anxiety.

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