Listen to the Silence in Africa, African Yogi

Listen to the Silence in Africa


Listen to the Silence in Africa

Listen to the Silence in Africa, African Yogi
“that little bit between each note — silences which give the form”
― Isaac Stern

Many years ago I was introduced to the music of the Estonian composer Arvo Part.    He was the first person to make me aware of the importance of the pauses between the music notes. The great violinist Isaac Stern described music as “that little bit between each note – silences which give form”

That got me musing…. How important the breath is, but also the moment between breaths. How important the comma is. The pause button.  Doing versus not doing.

The Japanese have a word (ma) for this interval which gives shape to the whole.  It has also been described as emptiness full of possibilities, like a promise yet to be fulfilled.

In our busy lives, we are having less and less intervals. We breath fast and shallow.  Life tends to be an ongoing process of never-ending chasing something.

We need to digest after eating.

Yoga was my tool to learn the skill of finding the pauses:  To give shape to my life. To be focused on a posture (asana). To breathe consciously.  The art of pranayama (breath awareness…) taught me to take this skill from my yoga mat into my everyday life.

I am fortunate to live in Africa, with her open spaces and clear skies. I am so fortunate to have met my reliable life partner – yoga. To appreciate my breath in all its fullness – inhalations, exhalations and retentions in a country where we still have fresh air, champagne air.

Discover the sweetness of not doing. Become fit in the art of finding the intervals in your life.

Join me in Africa to breathe together and to pause together. To digest together. To Listen to the Silence in Africa