, African Yogi


Many companies may claim that they treat their staff like family but very few of them are indeed able to “walk the talk”. While their intentions are good, they simply evolve to the point where the strong people values that originally built the business, all but disappear into the cogs and gears.

Having worked at C and G Group for close on 6 months, it is gratifying, commendable and encouraging to experience the same values within this medium size business that are as important now as they were 20 years ago when they started as a small family owned business. Remaining family owned and despite recent exponential growth the company still retains the highest standards of

Excellent personalised customer service
Diversity of Product
Attention to detail

There exists an incredible positive work atmosphere and commitment with no hidden agendas, egos or politics. Staff are actually given recognition and no one staff member is less important as the next. As a result, there is a tremendous passion from all to succeed and grow the business.

While growing into a medium size business C and G Group still carry uphold the “we will make a plan” philosophy which ensures clients coming back.