Rejuvenate Africa Sunrise, African Yogi

An African Sunrise

An African sunrise is more than just the start of your day…

Imagine: You’ve just woken from the most relaxing sleep you’ve had in…well, you can’t remember the last time you woke from sleep and felt rejuvenated. Normally you wake up several times a night, panicking that you forgot to hit send on that last email at work or compulsively checking your email for feedback from your boss about an important presentation you gave that morning. Last night, though, you fell asleep in about two seconds because your phone didn’t have reception. Oh well, emails and text messages can wait.


Instead of the fake twittering of birds on your alarm waking you up (the sound effect only cost 99 cents and you couldn’t remember the last time you’d been outside long enough to hear real birds), the rush of the ocean waves mingled with the calls of the wildlife outside your window brought you to consciousness.


You sit up and look outside. Along the horizon, where the darkened sky kisses the sea, you see it for the first time in years. A thin band of light is just beginning to separate the sky from the sea. The last time you saw a sunrise you’d been up all night with people from the office blowing off steam at the club. You remember thinking it was beautiful in that happy-drunk way.


But today? This feels calming and pure. You feel connected to a primal existence like this is how you were always meant to feel and how you were always meant to live. And you would live this way, except that modern standards, like working 70 hour weeks, compulsorily carrying an electronic extension of your body (your cell phone or tablet), and never feeling satisfied with your life, have hijacked your true and natural self.

It’s all about you…

Instead of laying back down for five more minutes, you jump out of bed and bust through the door. You’re not going to miss it. You jog across the sandy beach outside your room and stand at the edge of the water. The waves kiss your toes and then your feet before rolling up to your ankles. You fill your lungs with the freshest air you ever smelled. You close your eyes. You can feel the individual rays of light caress your skin. When you open them again, the band is a little wider and growing every few seconds. The sun itself is starting to appear, its form starting as a gentle hump on the sea. As it rises, it begins to illuminate the trunks of the trees behind you. The light crawls up through the leaves and branches. You never want this moment to end.  Time to spoil yourself….


This is Africa.