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Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

“Yoga  is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”  B.K.S Iyengar

….and so is golf.   Golf involves a great deal of physical skill and practice, but unless the mind is calm and focused, one won’t be at the top of his game.  To be a good golfer is so much more than having the perfect swing!  You don’t only need techniques, your whole body needs to be engaged, muscles and minds.  Even with all the mechanical skills some days you can just not concentrate on your game.  In terms of golfing, concentration means to exclude all unnecessary stimuli and not be disrupted by outside distractions so that you can single-mindedly focus and execute your mechanics effortlessly.


The emphasis on yogic breathing and the mind-body connection in yoga is essential in helping sportspeople develop mental acuity, patience and concentration.   Just like in life, learning to be present in each moment on the golf course will result in a more fluid, enjoyable game. The breathing exercises that go along with yoga will improve your concentration and focus on the game. If your mind is calm and focused, you’ll be challenged to play and live at peak performance.



Lower back pain is a common complaint amongst golfers.  Mostly because of repeated spinal rotation from swinging the golf club during a game. Increasing flexibility in the spinal rotators is key to preventing injuries. One of yoga’s major benefits is improving core strength. Stronger trunk muscles result in more spinal support and less strain on the lower back.


Yoga and Golfing

You may not have associated yoga with improving your golfing game but practising the right yoga postures will optimize and maximize your performance both on and off the golf course.  In golf, like in yoga, each minuscule detail matters.   Your every movement dictates the result of your swing.    Golfers want to eliminate strokes as well as pain so they can continue playing the game they love for many years. Yoga can give you this advantage by increasing flexibility, range of motion in the joints and honing mental concentration.


Have you ever wondered why yoga has stayed current for more than 5 000 years?

Yoga is not only for the sages and guru’s, but it is also for the advantage of all human beings.  It is healing, strengthening, calming and empowering. Despite your age, race, gender, shape, size or fitness level, you will benefit from regular practice.  The benefits of yoga are so far-reaching that it is impossible to capture it in a list! Sportsmen and women from various disciplines have had Yoga positively empower their performance.


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