, African Yogi

Gems of the Overberg – Robertson

Recently, we have come across a gem of the Overberg, a retired working farm that used to produce almonds and strawberries, but which is now an intimate guest farm that goes by the name of Almondbury. Nestled at the foot of Dassieshoek in Robertson, this valley paradise is an ode to Cape Dutch farm architecture, within its grounds stands a marvelous manor house, as well as a renovated barn, which sleeps a number of people and has rather romantic air. There is also a spacious flat and two wendy houses, complete with a separate, shared kitchen wendy. The owner, Ming (so nicknamed for her shock of black hair as a baby) lives on the premises in a delightful little flat, tucked away on the edge of the property, you’ll see her pop up every now and again, off to pick grapes or tend to her well kept and beautifully curated gardens. 

Dogs are welcome, a blessing hard to come by, and much appreciated! The bottom of the garden hides a dam, which is a delight for both dogs and kids on hot summer days. A short drive up the winding valley road unveils unexpected beauty, with the magnificent Robertson reserve dam, ancient oaks and old, dilapidated farm houses, it is a picturesque idyll. With almost no other person in sight, it makes the most wonderful exploration ground, with singing brooks and winding mountain trails to keep you entertained for hours. 

The land of giants and dwarfs, this is the Overberg, where the mountains rise to meet the clouds, and valleys nestle in their crevices. Looking up towards her green-blue flank, one’s imagination takes hold, soaring as the jackal buzzard does. So many secrets she hides within her folds, you can only dream the possibilities. Unless, of course, you choose to go forth, to pick your way gently, sometimes with vigor across her untouched lands.