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lockdown; plural noun: lockdowns; noun: lock-down; plural noun: lock-downs

  1. the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control during a riot.
  2. a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure
  3. COVID19



  • Solitary
  • Isolation.
  • Confinement


Have you ever noticed how panic loves company?  It thrives amongst crowds,  it grows into new dimensions, it creates whole new “factual” realities. On its own it doesn’t do as well, it kind of dies off like a fire without oxygen.  On the other hand, calmness doesn’t spread half as fast as panic.

In this last week, like many of us, I found myself consumed with panic, and it was so easy to find friends and strangers to fuel my anxiety and encourage frenzied behaviours.  After all, we are possibly living within the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu (where the hysteria was not fuelled by Social Media)    It is so much more thrilling to be drawn into trepidation than into tranquillity!

As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “If we’re not calm, we can’t listen deeply and understand. But when our mind is calm, we can see reality more clearly, like still water reflecting the trees the clouds, and the blue sky. Stillness is the foundation of understanding and insight.”  In these times it is important to surround yourself with people (even if it is digitally) that inspires you to be calmer, to react softer, to think more thoroughly before you speak, to have a gentler approach.


Here are 9 ideas to help you stay calm during this time of Solitude:

  1. Create or Maintain healthy habits. Continue with your yoga practice, there are so many options available on-line.  Eat healthy, drink water.  This will not only build your immune system but also help with mental wellness.
  2. Acknowledge your feelings. It is normal to go through a range of feelings within minutes! We are actually all in a grieving process, we are not only grieving for the tragedy that is happening in the world, but we also grief life as we knew it.
  3. Do Daily Positive Affirmations. We often reset to negative self-talk in stressful times, when it is pitch dark, it is hard to imagine that it will ever be light again! Discipline yourself to make time for positive affirmations, set a reminder on your phone and give yourself the words you need. The spoken word has the power to create new realities, use your words to build your self-esteem.
  4. Spend as much time outside as you can. This might not be possible everywhere, but try to find a place where you can get some fresh air every day.
  5. Find Beauty. Look around you for something beautiful every day, some days you might find it easily, some days you might have to look harder.  Whether it is a favourite object in your house or a nice view, consciously look for it, recognize it, be grateful for it and share it!
  6. Built meaningful relationships. Surround yourself with people that you can trust with your insecurities, people who will lift you up when you are feeling low.  It is important that these are reciprocal correlations as in the giving we are as blessed as receiving.
  7. Have one concrete plan for the day. This will give you stability, even if you have to start sorting your cupboards.  Built structure into your days, this will give you some sense of security.
  8. Learn a new skill. Not only will it change your brain chemistry, make you a more interesting person and ward off dementia, it also helps fighting boredom!  So, turn off Netflix and sign up for that Language Course you always wanted to do!
  9. Plan your next trip. Dreams are what makes life worth-while, speak to one of our Team Members to help you design your own unique African Experience.