Off the beaten track dining, African Yogi

Off the beaten track dining


On our last tour to Knysna, our hosts from Blackwaters River Lodge, Elmay and Paul took us to dinner to the magical private dining room at VegTable. This is the perfect location for celebrating the good moments in life.  If you are not dining out for a special occasion, this will become a special occasion and definitely an off the beaten track dining experience you will never forget

The restaurant is located in a cottage, in a Pecan nut orchard, on the ‘MERMAIDS REST’ Farm, 5.7km along the Rheenendal Road.

Off the beaten track dining, African Yogi
Garden Route Adventure Experiential Eating

Rheenendal is a farming community on the outskirts of Knysna.  At first you might think you are in the wrong place.  That is until the Owner and Chef Brett Garvie comes and welcomes you with a huge smile.  This is the moment that you just know that the table is set for an experiential gourmet adventure!

A Vegetarian’s Dream

VegTable is a celebration of Vegetables!   Whatever Brett finds, forage or grow is what will be on the menu. The love Brett has put into planning and executing the menu can be tasted in every scrumptious bite!  I can still taste and smell the smoked pecan nut sauce!

The essence is true slow food.  The menu is never the same.  All the dishes are inspired by nature’s seasonal bounty with classic combinations and unusual twists. The delicious food is all prepared to perfection on a Defy Jewel woodstove.

In the dining room, the woodstove AND open fireplace ensure cosy winter fare. The dining room is furnished with a happy mix of antique crockery and silver cutlery.  All of this and linen and glassware were found in local charity shops.

VegTable is open to the public on Wednesday through Friday evenings, from 7  for 7.30 pm in Winter, and 7.30 for 8 pm in Summer.  You can bring your own drinks, Brett provides the vintage glasses!

Don’t trust only my taste buds, have a look at how his guests rave about him on Tripadvisor!

African Yogi will host our welcome dinners at the VegTable on our Garden Route Adventure Package.  I can’t wait for us to savour this experience together!