What to wear on an African Safari, African Yogi

Tips on what to wear on an African Safari!

Are you stuck on what to wear on your next African Safari adventure? Read on for some helpful tips!

Your trip is booked, your excitement levels are through the roof, you’re finally going on a real safari, in Africa! Now you’re faced with another challenge, how do you dress on this daring escapade?

Well, we’ve got some answers for you – tried and tested by our travel-guru friends and family. Take a look at some of our tips and advice on what to wear on an African Safari:

Neutral is natural
If you’re in doubt, wear neutral. Anything cream, ivory(and I mean the colour), olive, khaki and tan – to name a few – are good options. Bright colours and whites are best avoided as they reflect the sun and may disturb the animals.

Black is out
And any other dark colour for that matter. Research has shown that Tsetse flies – known to carry the potentially lethal African sleeping sickness – are attracted to inky shades.

Keep it breezy
Long, loose pants are a hit in warm climates, protecting you from the sun and pesky insects, while also allowing some ventilation.

Longs over shorts
Shorts, while sounding like a good idea when facing the daunting heat, come with a list of negatives – bare legs are easily zapped by bothersome insects, the sun beats down relentlessly and can cause nasty burns to unprotected skin. A lot of African cultures also regard showing skin as improper and you might garner unwanted attention (this goes for bare midriffs too). Rather opt for long skirts or pants, which will protect you from the sun, insects and disapproval!

Layers are lekker
Layer up! Often times, the African dawn is crisp, but gives way to sweltering heat. The same goes for the evenings, they can become chilly after the sun disappears – layers accommodate for these see-sawing temperatures – keeping you comfortable and able to enjoy your safari experience to the fullest.

Closed shoes keep out critters
Closed shoes are a good idea, they keep bothersome insects like venomous ants, mosquitos and scorpions away from your toes and ankles.

Hats and sunnies are in
When spending long periods of time outdoors, you want to keep as much sun off your face as possible to ward off headaches and dehydration.

We hope these little snippets helped you with your travel packing dilemma! We wish you safe and happy travels!


What to wear on an African Safari, African Yogi