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Adventure Yoga Retreat

Join African Yogi on this Adventure Yoga Tour Package in the Mafia Islands, which forms part of the celebrated Tanzanian Spice Islands, is a paradise found, positioned in the depths of the glistening Indian Ocean, it is the ideal destination for an adventure filled holiday, while at the same time, the unblemished wilderness and pristine, palm – dotted beaches invite even the most energetic to sprawl out on the sun – kissed sand as an ode to relaxation.

Enjoy four days of adventure, rejuvenation and self – exploration, improve your flexibility, vitality and concentration through a harmonious fusion of yoga and marine adventure, witness the two complement each other, as your yoga form improves, so will your ability to swim, dive and revel in the joie de vivre. This programme is befitting of all yoga enthusiasts. Both certified divers as well as those happy to snorkel in the shallower waters will delight in the marvellous submarine landscapes.

The Destination

Mafia Island is located in the magnificient southern circuit of Tanzania and Zanzibar and is part of a fascinating array of parks, wildlife reserves and Indian Ocean islands.

While Mafia makes an ideal holiday for people interested in nature and outdoor activities, its big attraction for many visitors is that it remains locked in a time warp of the early 20th Century. The population of the archipelago is approximately 40,000 living in 24 villages scattered throughout the main island, Jibondo, Juani and Chole islands. The people live in rustic fishing communities and farming villages.

Tour details

18 June – 22 June 2020

From the moment you get off the plane at the quaint airport on Mafia Island, you cannot but be transferred into slower pace of living. Whether this is due to the friendly locals, the overwhelming smell of frangipani or the untouched beauty of nature, we cannot tell.

Besides yoga classes that will challenge you to reach new depths, there will be sandbank picnics,  sunset sails, village walks and snorkelling. 

Inclusions & Exclusions


Mafia Island, African Yogi


Greet the day with an energizing yoga practise overlooking the untouched coastline of Mafia Island. Your teacher will ensure that the class is challenging for all levels focussing on enhancing your breathing and focus. Afterwards we enjoy a healthy breakfast while planning the rest of our day. Morning activities include snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, a village walk, spa treatments or utter relaxation time. 

Mafia Island, African Yogi
Mafia Island, African Yogi


After a scrumptious lunch and some solo-time we meet for our afternoon Yoga Practise where your teacher Marianne will assist you to cultivate an intelligent understanding of your assannas. This session will focus on creating awareness of the details of your postures.  Following a satisfactory Yoga practise we will wander around the island before freshening up for dinner.  

Mafia Island, African Yogi
Mafia Island, African Yogi


Typically we will share our meals under the bright African night-sky, the perfect ending to the perfect day.  After dinner you have time to reflect on the day, curl up with a book or simply bask in the fresh African air.



Mafia Island, African Yogi

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